Summiteer Crag Rocket - Used and Abused by Owen Pearce

Summiteer Crag Rocket - Used and Abused by Owen Pearce

When we first designed the Crag Rocket we gave it to
Professional Mountaineering Instructor (MIA), Owen Pearce, to use and abuse. Over the past 6 months Owen has used the crag rocket as his 'go to' rucksack, from days at work in the Lake District to Alpine Climbing in the French Alps and ice climbing in Norway. It's fair to say he's put it through its paces. And it's probably out on some hill with him at this very minute. Here's his verdict, alongside a few photos

"I’ve been using this bag for about six months now and I have to say it’s one of the best UK multipitch and alpine bags that I’ve used. Having said that, It’s also served me well as a day pack and general kicking about pack. The ‘why’ might best be described by looking at a typical day out. So here goes......

"You set off from the van and the bags about full with helmet and rope neatly strapped on the outside. You walk in to the crag and on the way you've warmed up so stop and shove your fleece under the elastic and grab a swig of water which is easy because there’s no lid and straps to faff with. You arrive at the crag, helmet goes on, rope gets flaked, harness and gear go on and your left with a really nice small, light sack that doesn’t get in the way when you're climbing. Nice wide comfortable shoulder straps. Nothing flapping and dangling about. Easy to dive in and grab the guidebook, belay jacket etc. Then when you reach the top all you have to do is pile it  back in again and walk home. It might not have as many ‘features’ as other bags buts that’s exactly what makes it great. Less to break and less weight. And made in Cumbria out of recycled materials!"



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