Our Recycled Fabric (RPET)

The type of Polyester used in fabric is called Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a particularly nasty substance, produced using a chemical reaction involving Coal, Petroleum, air and water which pumps out some rather harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. However PET isn’t just used in fabric. PET has been used extensively as a single use plastic for the last seventy or so years., and not only is this causing damage to our atmosphere through its production, but the end products aren’t particularly biodegradable either. There is now more public awareness of the damage that plastic waste is causing to our oceans and our wildlife. Now is the time to cut down our use of single use plastics and come up with alternatives. In recent years we have been estimated to be producing around sixty million tons of PET per annum. That’s a lot of greenhouse gas and a lot of plastic waste.

Recycled PET (RPET) fabric is an ideal material to make our rucksacks from. The process used in making RPET Fabric eliminates the nasty chemical reaction of petroleum and coal by recycling discarded plastic bottles into Polyester yarn instead. The end result is our recycled polyester has the exact same properties as conventionally manufactured polyester. However it produces a smaller carbon footprint and also contributes to a reduction in plastic waste.